Friday, 16 October 2009


Just a quickie... I only have a few LIMITED EDITION copies of ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS left so please contact me if you're interested in purchasing them! They cost £60 each but are well worth every penny; they'll last a lifetime with its trusty hand-binding and fine paper, and I really went to town with all my photography, content and text. Scroll down to my older posts for more images and info.

Email me at or alternatively drop me a comment here.

Mr Ruxley says 'please buy Jojo's magazine, pwetty please.' He is my best friend's dwarf lionhead bunny that I will kidnap when she's least expecting it :)

Til' next time, lots of Chinese love xx



Sorry (again, argh I'm useless) about my extreme lack of posts. It has been pretty hectic since I finished my degree and I have been very distracted by a general desire to laze around and watch Professional Masterchef non-stop.. ahem.. SO some very exciting news. I have jumped aboard a new online/print project called GLASS MAGAZINE as one of fashion director Marie-Louise Von Haselberg's many assistants, which has been awfully exciting.

GLASS is a real gem of a fashion, art, music and design outlet, and celebrates truly inspirational creativity with dexterity. The online version has a lot of negative space and clean lines in its aesthetic, which is always a winner in my books ;) Please take a look at the site as the creators are all working really hard to bring you amazing new stuff, photographed and written about beautifully. I am only but a small part of this at the moment as I have only just joined recently, but really looking forward to get stuck in more often.

This Wednesday I assisted Marie in a live shoot for both the online and printed version, which involved a lot of writhing around in Lace and lots of tea and biscuits. Here are a couple of snaps..

Dressing up


Magda love - Marie's first assistant

BEAUTIFUL studio (this photo does it no justice)

Setting up the set.. ahhh

Lace lace lace! Pretty...

Watch this space... xx

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Apologies for the inexcusable delay and absence of any posts at all - I was FINALLY finished with my degree a couple of weeks back and have been swept off my feet! The hard work was worth it though... I was awarded a First Class Honours for such efforts! (queue chuffed grin) YAY!


THANKS to everyone who helped/contributed/supported me throughout the whole process - as a special treat, below is a video exclusive of the magazine. Now don't say I don't spoil you!

ENJOY ENJOY! Orders still welcome, just let me know :) xx

Sunday, 16 August 2009



All clothes by talented knitter Hanzipan

Friday, 14 August 2009



There are still little fiddly bits like headers, proof-reading, page numbers, and probably lots of other annoying mistakes (kerning has become my biggest enemy) but I am about to bestow upon you a very exciting sneak preview...


I am printing the first batch next week but this will be primarily for my uni project, family, friends & contributors. After this the magazine will be available to everyone and anyone! They will be printed to order so if anyone wants a copy - go on, you know you want it - you may have to wait a few weeks for orders to build up. A proper preview will be up soon and all these details will be cleared up in the next few weeks after the storm! Also, due to the project being entirely funded and created by myself (what a gruelling project! You better appreciate each and every page, stroke it a lot and stick the magazine in a frame afterwards!) this one-of-a-kind publication will not be your bog-standard £3.99 - it will be a LOT more expensive due to a short print run, very nice textured paper and the fact it is being hand-bound, but it's definitely an investment - just thought I'd warn you fellow poor ones first! BUT BUY IT ANYWAY, PLEASEEE! THERE'S A FREE BUTTONS POSTER!! Anyway, keep your eye on the blog should you desire the first ever copy of ROCK PAPER SCISSORS.

Can I hear a drum roll.....????!!! 

p.s. the images are all low-res screenshots for a reason - BUY IT TO SEE IT BETTER ;)


The wait begins for the hard copy next week.. ARGHRHRHJGRHGRHGRJHGRHRG xxx

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Hair traumas

As I have been writing and layout-ing (?!) like a mad woman, I haven't really done too much to post images about. However, when I went to meet Juliana again on Wednesday regarding her new knitwear book (DEFINITELY GOT SOME PHOTOGRAPHY IN THERE - SCORE!) I got to relax just a little whilst waiting for her in the V & A. The sun was shining, the John Madejski gardens were calling, and I sat in peace for a little while with my feet in the pool.

Ahhh - isn't this nice, though slightly wonky - great photographer Jo!

THEN as I closed my eyes and tried to catch some shut eye, some 'cute little kid' only blimmin' steps on top of the openings of that dribbly fountain thing, promptly aiming it (though unintentionally I'd like to think) at me, my spread out phone, camera and prototype magazine. I actually thought the heavens had open and grabbed all my stuff, dropped my phone (as if it wasn't broken enough) and ran to safety with three very smug looking Korean girls laughing at me. Turns out, a girl can't catch a break - FACT. I then had to meet Juliana in all my soaked glory and looking pretty sheepish.

Moral of the story - don't trust kids in water. x

Wet hair is not a good look - at least the lippie stayed on. 
Please excuse tired miserable looking face. 

Monday, 3 August 2009



Sorry it's taken so long for these to appear AND I don't even know if these are the final edit - I sorta just bunged together my favourite ones for now but they might be different shots in the final mag! I haven't even thought up a name yet. ARGH. Anyway, hope you enjoy the lovely pick-your-own frutiness of it all and a MASSIVE thanks to my peeps who were helping with the shoot as the weather/organisation was a bloody nightmare - oops. You'd think I was getting better at this...


Headpieces by Calexandra on Etsy, clothes by Catherine Angus

Clothes and wooden glasses by Neliana Fuenmayor

Clothes by Lois Porte

Pink bikini top by River Island, Grey bikini top by Jessica Gaydon, Trousers and collar worn
as skirt by Lois Porte

Photography and Styling: Jojo Ma
Photographer's assistants: Anthony White and Kit Hoang
Hair and Make-up: Marietta Constantinou (Please check out her MySpace - amazing!)
Models: Arsida and Mariam


This was my last big fashion shoot for the magazine so I won't be uploading many new photos in the coming weeks - I will however be posting spreads and bits of the finishing mag bit by bit so please don't leave! Come back come back Titanic style! The final issue will be done soon. I promise/hope.


Thursday, 30 July 2009


Apologies for my blog being so non-existent recently - have been packing and moving house over the last few days so have been a very busy midget! I still managed to fit a shoot in Tuesday though and will upload those asap but for now here's a snippet of what's to come... sorry about my fat head, didn't want to give too much away :p xx

Behind the scenes photos taken by Anthony White and Marietta Constantinou.

Thursday, 23 July 2009



I met up with knitwear designer/design lecturer/award-winner/everything else you could be good at in fashion JULIANA SISSONS a couple of weeks back, who I wanted to feature in Rock, Paper, Scissors. In a lovely networking manner she also asked me to photograph a few other garments within her latest collection, 'HAUNTING' for her own use and for a new knitwear book she is working on.

They needed to be quite simple but I added a little twist with the red curtained backdrop and some army-esque styling. Big thanks to the Legions Club in Chislehurst for letting me use their function room at the VERY last minute.

ALL clothes Juliana Sissons / Army boots on loan from Fah Chakshuvej
Socks H&M / Vintage War Hat Angels / Vintage sailor hat I Dream of Wires

Photography and styling: Jojo Ma
Hair and Make-up: Marietta Constantinou
First assistant: Kit Hoang
Model: Natalie Talbott

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Wahey - Industry day!

So, little old Ravensbourne college organised Industry Day this Tuesday in the hope to introduce new design graduates to different industry professionals. Props go to Calum, Laura and co for organising what mess the college left them in - not a lot of people turned up unfortunately but they made the space look great! I snuck in at the last moment hence my lack of name poster and mental blu-tacking/velco-sticking (thanks Ben, Laura and Chloeee!) but happy I got to get my work up for more people to see!

Here's a few pictorials...

Me being a dork in front of my work


Calum's Long Life bags for sale

Laura's laser-cut jewellery

More Long Life goods

Biscuits! And this year's fashion talent!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Stud Muffin

I suffer a mild identity crisis when it comes to the way I dress and right now I am going through a bit of a rock 'n' roll studded leather shiny black phase - a bit slow but secretly in my head I think I am 5"8' and can get away with shiny black leggings and cut-off-sleeve oversized rockstar t-shirts. In fact, I am rather small and have yet to find such assortments to suit my little body without looking like a 16 year old emo.

I met the lovely Stephanie Moran, design-extraordinaire for empowered women no less, a couple of days ago and I think I have found the solution to such problem - a Jojo sized studded/embellished trench bodysuit? YES PLEASE! Black feathers perched upon my little shoulders? YES PLEASE! Don't think I'd look as good as Jade 'le effortlessly cool' though.. damn!

Photography: Jojo Ma
Model: Jade
All clothes by Stephanie Moran

P.s, random, but I am secretly in love with Robert Pattinson i.e. Edward Cullen a la Twilight. I hate myself for lusting after that film.. grrrr.....

Friday, 17 July 2009

Jewellery for smalls - SO kawaii!

Hey hey hey!

TODAY I went to the Hayward gallery (amazing fun work by Yayoi Kusama, very me!), ate FENG-sushi, sat in some groggy underground internet cafe with my anxious friends waiting for their degree results (WELL DONE!) went to see Simon Foxton's amazing styling at the Photographer's gallery, ate some Cinnabon cinnamon 'stix,' enjoyed a cheese board without the wine in Covent Garden, and got mistaken for being Japanese on my way home... again. 

Considering today was meant to be a day off from work I did quite well! Yet an annoying feeling comes when I start feeling guilty about not doing ANYTHING Rock, Paper, Scissors related so I decided to finish editing my jewellery shoot photos! A while back I showed the sets I was working on for this shoot et voila - here they are as the finished product!

Photography and Set design: Jojo Ma
(L-R) Bitch, Dragon, Ram, Eye and floral rings all lent by Fah Chakshuvej

Each set will be given a full page each so won't be so squished together as it looks on here and will look much more impressive - honest! Perhaps I am secretly Japanese after all... xx

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Alien Resurrection

I thought the film title was rather fitting for this post since my friends and I watched the film a couple of nights ago, getting rather spooked out by the humanoid alien thing that dies by getting sucked out into space - NICE! I have been informed that this is one of the poorer films of the series (not a big Alien fan) but nevertheless, we still watched it O_O

ANYWAY, this shoot I did last week was based on knitting again (doh! Promise there's only one more knitting shoot!) but the more futuristic/dark side of it. Waxed cords and latex galore, I managed to find some pretty exciting stuff for it. Working title was Robots vs. Aliens (probably because I was so loved up with Monsters inc and Monsters vs. Aliens) but it IS based on this idea. Bit darker and more polished than my usual shit but still fun - note metallic vegetables in the set :)

Dress by Derek Lawlor

Top and leggings by Sarah Benning

Leotard by Beatrice Newman

Leotard and tights by Beatrice Newman

Photography and styling: Jojo Ma
Set design: Fah Chakshuvej and Jojo Ma
Hair and Make-up: Fah Chakshuvej
Model: Gisella @ MOT Models

Gotta give Old Greggs Mehmet and Fah a shout for all their help as well! Love love!

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Work in Progress

Lazy post alert! I am in the midst of interviews, editing and shoot arrangements (next big one on Tuesday based on futuristic knitwear, keep your eyes peeled!) so haven't finished that much content this week.

All the while I have been constantly tweaking my seemingly longgggg magazine and decided to show you guys what it's looking like at the moment.

This is only but a few of about 140 pages and I am constantly finishing shoots etc etc so come back sooon! I am looking to print the final magazine early August so do keep your eyes out around that time as I will be publishing it online as well for you all to criticise :) xx

Monday, 29 June 2009

IT'S HOT. Time for Mehmet Ali's ice-cream shades

It is like sooooo hot right now but don't want to complain too much otherwise it's blatantly going to piss cats and dogs immediately :s 

Getting more to the point, my fabulous friend Mehmet Ali (you may recall he won the GFW Menswear award this year, woop woop!) asked me to shoot his collection, which, might I add, are in the BEST colours for this weather. The palette reminds me of yummy Haagen Daz strawberry ice-cream which is sadly not available anymore in the UK [sad face] and the entire collection is perfect for the travelling gent who owns a yacht, drinks champagne on said yacht and smokes cigars like they're good for him - phwoar!

I am proper incoherent today (heatwaveee!) so let's just get to it, here are some preview pictures ya ya ya!

Photography: Jojo Ma
Beauty and styling: Mehmet Ali
Model: Gui Carotti

Again, apologies for random blabbing today... er come back tonight when I might have better things to say, Til' then, enjoy your ice-creams :) xx