Friday, 17 July 2009

Jewellery for smalls - SO kawaii!

Hey hey hey!

TODAY I went to the Hayward gallery (amazing fun work by Yayoi Kusama, very me!), ate FENG-sushi, sat in some groggy underground internet cafe with my anxious friends waiting for their degree results (WELL DONE!) went to see Simon Foxton's amazing styling at the Photographer's gallery, ate some Cinnabon cinnamon 'stix,' enjoyed a cheese board without the wine in Covent Garden, and got mistaken for being Japanese on my way home... again. 

Considering today was meant to be a day off from work I did quite well! Yet an annoying feeling comes when I start feeling guilty about not doing ANYTHING Rock, Paper, Scissors related so I decided to finish editing my jewellery shoot photos! A while back I showed the sets I was working on for this shoot et voila - here they are as the finished product!

Photography and Set design: Jojo Ma
(L-R) Bitch, Dragon, Ram, Eye and floral rings all lent by Fah Chakshuvej

Each set will be given a full page each so won't be so squished together as it looks on here and will look much more impressive - honest! Perhaps I am secretly Japanese after all... xx

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