Sunday, 31 May 2009



I am one part of a new fashion collective of 15 new designers, illustrators and photographers called PENTAKAIDECAGON and it'd be amazing for everyone to come see our debut exhibition!

Opening night is on the 11th of June at 5:30pm and the exhibition will be up until the 18th.

+ Information +

DATE: 11 June - 18th June 2009
VENUE: ADA gallery, 2a Ada Street, Hackney, London, E8 4QU

Friday, 29 May 2009

I am on Dazed Digital!

Well, indirectly! A couple of photos of Masako from my 'small girls' shoot is on Dazed Digital as part of my friend Hannah B's profile! Click on her - she is an amazing nutty knitter! 

Child's play

I have finished (sorta) my jewellery shoot props! Yahooo! Look a bit naff here but please do come back to see the finished product a la shoot plus the amazing jewellery, which I am photographing next week!

'Gentle Breeze, Grapeyard and unfinished post office'

Wednesday, 27 May 2009


My corner full of papery mess.


Here is one of the parts of the second set I have made for my jewellery shoot. It's a post office and I think it's my favourite set-up! I have started the final set, 'gentle breeze' but it has yet to be finished tomorrow! More superglue sniffing, yum x

The little post office

Monday, 25 May 2009


LOOK at what I made today! 

It involved a lot of glue and tweezers but was well worth the sticky fingers. It's a little set I bought from Hong Kong a while back and I have two more to make for a jewellery shoot I will be doing for the mag. Yay for mini doll house framey things xx

She's SO Melodramatic

One of my first main fashion stories for the magazine - She's So Melodramatic.

This shoot took weeks to prepare for but it was all worth it as it was pretty exciting to shoot! It's based on theatrical and OTT knitwear, and the endless possibilities of the craft - the bigger the better, the more colourful the better.

My lovely helpers Marietta and Chloe helped me with the paper chains and paper swans (uh-oh teaser, I am going to make you wait for the swans shot!) and I had some incredible knitwear for the shoot. The shoot also involved a lot of helium, a pink swing, an incredible amount of paper chains and lots of hair swooshing. Hope you like what you see xx

Ram Cardigan by Orla Savage.

Dress by Rebecca Cluett, skirt by Orla Savage.

Jacket and mini-dress by Jessica Gaydon, dress (underneath) by Orla Savage, shoes by Topshop.

Set design: Moi
Model: Flora Ibl
Make-up and Hair: Marietta Constantinou


The confirmed name of my magazine. Exciting? Cheesy? Blah? x

Jennifer Loiselle headbands - third post today!

Headbands can be so much more exciting than that plaited bit of rope the nation has decided to adorn their heads/foreheads with. I shot some of lovely Jennifer Loiselle's fun and quirky headbands a couple of weeks back for a feature in the magazine and here is the result! Well one of..

Hungover Ella pulling la face with the funnest headband in the WORLD.

Set design: Yours truly (post-it notes are the bane of my life)
Model: Ella la orange lipstick



Right at the beginning of this project I had wanted to do a feature on buttons and how they need to be back in the trimmings spotlight. Little did I know I would become addicted to the little gems, the most expensive ones as well, and now I have spent a fortune on buttons. ARGH! 

But I think you'll agree they are pretty amazing (trying to justify my expenses here, just agree). I took the photos in the sun which explains how bright and shiny they look. Yum! The feature on buttons will cover 3 double page spreads and there is going to be a free pull-out poster of ALL the buttons. Exciting much!

Here are two snippets of my favourite buttons - if you look closely you can see the rainbow button has a fat upside-down cat shadow!

And here's the poster pull-out:

Long live buttons! xx

Backwards Post - Small girls in Big jumpers

I am rather slow on the blog front so  I am catching up from allllll the work I have done in the recent past. I am working on a new high fashion craft magazine which is going to be covering exciting things on knit, crochet, book-binding, trimmings etc etc but in the coolest most accessible way possible! It's a monthly and going to be on par with a magazine like Dazed and Confused in terms of content and audience.

One of the first shoots I did was called 'Small Girls in Big Jumpers.' Here are a few snaps... enjoy!

Yiannakou in Hanzipan's much wanted jumper.

Jen le Small being a panda.

Sexy Marie in a Co-operative Designs jumper.

Masako in Hannah B's amazing jumper.

Models: Laura Yiannakou, Jennifer Pitchers, Marie Molterer and Masako Kondo.

There's a few more in the story but ye shall have to wait until the final thing is finished!

Until the next post... xx

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Lost my post virginity

First post! Hurrah! Although it is late and I have nowt much to say - apologies if you are reading this pointless post.

Will start with all my proper musings as from... tomorrow!

Toot sweet! xx