Monday, 29 June 2009

IT'S HOT. Time for Mehmet Ali's ice-cream shades

It is like sooooo hot right now but don't want to complain too much otherwise it's blatantly going to piss cats and dogs immediately :s 

Getting more to the point, my fabulous friend Mehmet Ali (you may recall he won the GFW Menswear award this year, woop woop!) asked me to shoot his collection, which, might I add, are in the BEST colours for this weather. The palette reminds me of yummy Haagen Daz strawberry ice-cream which is sadly not available anymore in the UK [sad face] and the entire collection is perfect for the travelling gent who owns a yacht, drinks champagne on said yacht and smokes cigars like they're good for him - phwoar!

I am proper incoherent today (heatwaveee!) so let's just get to it, here are some preview pictures ya ya ya!

Photography: Jojo Ma
Beauty and styling: Mehmet Ali
Model: Gui Carotti

Again, apologies for random blabbing today... er come back tonight when I might have better things to say, Til' then, enjoy your ice-creams :) xx

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Farm animals jump on it

Sorry for the delay in posts recently - been bogged down with so many shoots/writing/interviews that its all becoming a little silly so I had to take a couple of days out in the sun. (Alright for some I hear you snear!)

Anyway, one of my amAzing knitting friends from Ravensbourne, Hannah Taylor a la massive loonie boys jumpers, asked me to photograph her final collection for her this week. I still cannot stop laughing at them and I think they capture the true essence of the humorous and heart-warming (in the truest sense of the word) 6 piece collection and it was a real pleasure shooting them!

Feast your eyes on these:

Afterwards, we MAY have indulged in a little mahoosive jumper frolicking ourselves. Ok, we indulged a LOT. These are some of my favourite shots of Dani, me and Hannah making guineas and foxes out of ourselves! Ahhhhhh!

All there is to say now is KNIT ME A FREAKIN' JUMPER HANNAH! xx

Photography: Jojo Ma
Styling: Hannah Taylor
Model: Jamie Greenaway

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Street lights with Mr. Harvey

SO SO SO I did a shoot last week with ol' Calum Harvey for his BA collection lookbook with lovely Gui again, and here are some sneaky pics from them!

I don't normally do dark moody stuff so it was refreshing to photograph this shoot and am quite frankly 'chuffed' with the results. Gui looks amazing as does Calum's award-winning (yay!) clothes and we had a lot of fun listening to Basement Jaxx whilst dancing around in said clothes inbetween takes.


Photography: Jojo Ma
Styling and lighting: Calum Harvey
Hair and Make-up: Marietta Constantinou
Model: Gui Carotti

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Wooden books

So, a while ago I started researching into the world of book arts and book-binding as a feature for the magazine. I was much intrigued by the idea of beautifully made books and how such a traditional craft is being modernised through the use of new materials and new techniques.

I photographed a few books at the London College of Communication as it has one of the best courses available for budding book binders, and I couldn't help but show a couple of my favourites here.

A beautiful starry eyed book by Ruqayyah Abdulla

Perhaps not so good to write in but amazing all the same - Lexi Hayman

MMmmmMm perhaps after this magazine marlarky I'll get my hands on some book making tools... yum. xx

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Backstage Pass

Consider yourself cordially invited to the behind-the-scenes world of my Rock, Paper, Scissors shoots so far...

Flora before the 'She's so Melodramatic Shoot'

The rail of mess after the Melodramatic shoot

Glossing Alicja's lips before the 'Shape-up shoot'

On my knees photographing Gui in 'Man Interrupted'

And again...

Flora's dolly cheeks before Marie's BA collection shoot.

Gui and I in Calum's clothes during yesterday's shoot (and yes, that's our real height!)

Calum himself being rather glamorous

A rather lazy but fun post :) xx


So so so, the exhibition *Pentakaidecagon the fashion collective of 15 that I am one of, has come and gone. But fear not - I am pretty sure all of us will return at some point in the near future with our new work and more pretty things for you all to see at a space just as cool!

I am especially elated that Susie Bubble made a post about the exhibition, although my mug shot is perhaps not so great :s If you had the chance to visit the gallery then thank you very much and hope you enjoyed it; if not, here are a few pictures. Click here for more!

Goofball me in front of my wall

Downstairs with Kasia Bishop and Calum Harvey

Upstaires with Fah Chakshuvej

I am up to my knees with shoots at the moment so do keep your eyes peeled :D

Other than that, I am looking forward to returning to a normal sleeping pattern soooon please! xx

Monday, 15 June 2009

Knitwear is sexy

I kid you not. In the wake of Mark Fast and his lacy knitted goodness, knitwear has become increasingly conscious of the female form and although I love massive knitted jumpers just the same, I was intrigued by sexy purl one and knit ones.

Thus, this unnamed shoot (Geez I need to get myself organised) was shot to deliver this message: KNIT IS SEXXXY with a triple X, and tact, of course.

Photography and styling: Jojo Ma
Hair and Make-up: Marietta Constantinou
Model: Avanti


Dolled up

SEXY MARIE kindly asked me to shoot her BA collection for her with lovely Flora again, and I cannot stop smiling at the photos! I hope they make you just as happy as Marie's light-hearted collection lights up the shroud of misery Britain is surrounding itself in. (Pessimistic, me?)

And I would like my cheeks permanently like this thank you please :)

Photography: Jojo Ma
Styling: Marie Molterer
Hair and Make-up: Marietta Constantinou
Model: Flora Ibl



SOOOOOOO SORRRRYYYY it's been a while - last couple of weeks have been a mad rush and it's about time I catch up on the blogosphere!

Anywho, I photographed my first menswear craft shoot for the magazine a couple of weeks back at my lovely friend Sian's house in little ol' Surrey, and here are the results! Well some of them anyway.. :) 

Clothes by Benjamin Perrott

Calum Harvey

Calum Harvey

Photography and styling: Jojo Ma
Photographer's assistant: Kit Hoang
Hair and Make-up: Marietta Constantinou
Beauty assistant: Chloe Hodgson
Model: Gui Carrotti

It's quite different from the stuff I've done already but it was great fun and allowed me to do something I wouldn't normally do. Good times, great model xx

Saturday, 6 June 2009

I am tired

Like really tired. Stupid Fashion.

That is all

:) xx

Monday, 1 June 2009


Still working on the story title but here's a few photos from Saturday's shoot which is based on big and bold shapes, shot in different angles to create a more graphic composition. All photography credits go to Anthony White.

Dress by Sian Lendrum

Jumpsuit by Maria Morgue

Shirt and trousers by the wonderful Marie

Photographer: Anthony White
Model: Alicja
Make-up: Jojo & Chloe