Saturday, 20 June 2009

Wooden books

So, a while ago I started researching into the world of book arts and book-binding as a feature for the magazine. I was much intrigued by the idea of beautifully made books and how such a traditional craft is being modernised through the use of new materials and new techniques.

I photographed a few books at the London College of Communication as it has one of the best courses available for budding book binders, and I couldn't help but show a couple of my favourites here.

A beautiful starry eyed book by Ruqayyah Abdulla

Perhaps not so good to write in but amazing all the same - Lexi Hayman

MMmmmMm perhaps after this magazine marlarky I'll get my hands on some book making tools... yum. xx


  1. I have a book that may pique your interest. not sure if you've discovered it but its called 'fully booked' here's the ISBN: 978-3-89955-209-6
    I could maybe bring it in on monday if your about and I remember considering the fact all the crap i need to bring in for hand in.

  2. Wow wow wow, I just had a look on Amazon and if it's the right one I might pee myself a bit flicking through it. Or it might depress me because I'd want to make my own magazine in the shape of a gun or something else un-pc :)