Monday, 29 June 2009

IT'S HOT. Time for Mehmet Ali's ice-cream shades

It is like sooooo hot right now but don't want to complain too much otherwise it's blatantly going to piss cats and dogs immediately :s 

Getting more to the point, my fabulous friend Mehmet Ali (you may recall he won the GFW Menswear award this year, woop woop!) asked me to shoot his collection, which, might I add, are in the BEST colours for this weather. The palette reminds me of yummy Haagen Daz strawberry ice-cream which is sadly not available anymore in the UK [sad face] and the entire collection is perfect for the travelling gent who owns a yacht, drinks champagne on said yacht and smokes cigars like they're good for him - phwoar!

I am proper incoherent today (heatwaveee!) so let's just get to it, here are some preview pictures ya ya ya!

Photography: Jojo Ma
Beauty and styling: Mehmet Ali
Model: Gui Carotti

Again, apologies for random blabbing today... er come back tonight when I might have better things to say, Til' then, enjoy your ice-creams :) xx

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