Wednesday, 17 June 2009


So so so, the exhibition *Pentakaidecagon the fashion collective of 15 that I am one of, has come and gone. But fear not - I am pretty sure all of us will return at some point in the near future with our new work and more pretty things for you all to see at a space just as cool!

I am especially elated that Susie Bubble made a post about the exhibition, although my mug shot is perhaps not so great :s If you had the chance to visit the gallery then thank you very much and hope you enjoyed it; if not, here are a few pictures. Click here for more!

Goofball me in front of my wall

Downstairs with Kasia Bishop and Calum Harvey

Upstaires with Fah Chakshuvej

I am up to my knees with shoots at the moment so do keep your eyes peeled :D

Other than that, I am looking forward to returning to a normal sleeping pattern soooon please! xx

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