Monday, 25 May 2009

Backwards Post - Small girls in Big jumpers

I am rather slow on the blog front so  I am catching up from allllll the work I have done in the recent past. I am working on a new high fashion craft magazine which is going to be covering exciting things on knit, crochet, book-binding, trimmings etc etc but in the coolest most accessible way possible! It's a monthly and going to be on par with a magazine like Dazed and Confused in terms of content and audience.

One of the first shoots I did was called 'Small Girls in Big Jumpers.' Here are a few snaps... enjoy!

Yiannakou in Hanzipan's much wanted jumper.

Jen le Small being a panda.

Sexy Marie in a Co-operative Designs jumper.

Masako in Hannah B's amazing jumper.

Models: Laura Yiannakou, Jennifer Pitchers, Marie Molterer and Masako Kondo.

There's a few more in the story but ye shall have to wait until the final thing is finished!

Until the next post... xx


  1. u are awesome srsly THIS is awesome
    /thumbs up =D
    AND i have the same interests = the cup of tea and magazines!!!!

    do u mind if i link ur blog to mine?

  2. great and interesting post you have here...

    been searching for big girls fashion sets.