Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Alien Resurrection

I thought the film title was rather fitting for this post since my friends and I watched the film a couple of nights ago, getting rather spooked out by the humanoid alien thing that dies by getting sucked out into space - NICE! I have been informed that this is one of the poorer films of the series (not a big Alien fan) but nevertheless, we still watched it O_O

ANYWAY, this shoot I did last week was based on knitting again (doh! Promise there's only one more knitting shoot!) but the more futuristic/dark side of it. Waxed cords and latex galore, I managed to find some pretty exciting stuff for it. Working title was Robots vs. Aliens (probably because I was so loved up with Monsters inc and Monsters vs. Aliens) but it IS based on this idea. Bit darker and more polished than my usual shit but still fun - note metallic vegetables in the set :)

Dress by Derek Lawlor

Top and leggings by Sarah Benning

Leotard by Beatrice Newman

Leotard and tights by Beatrice Newman

Photography and styling: Jojo Ma
Set design: Fah Chakshuvej and Jojo Ma
Hair and Make-up: Fah Chakshuvej
Model: Gisella @ MOT Models

Gotta give Old Greggs Mehmet and Fah a shout for all their help as well! Love love!


  1. jo this shoot looks amazing!
    love, love, love the model too she's perfect for it! xx

  2. Boobies. I love this shoot very professional looking and the set sort of reminds me of that old schnapps ad.

  3. Awww shucks, thanks guys :D Still lots to doooooo