Friday, 16 October 2009



Sorry (again, argh I'm useless) about my extreme lack of posts. It has been pretty hectic since I finished my degree and I have been very distracted by a general desire to laze around and watch Professional Masterchef non-stop.. ahem.. SO some very exciting news. I have jumped aboard a new online/print project called GLASS MAGAZINE as one of fashion director Marie-Louise Von Haselberg's many assistants, which has been awfully exciting.

GLASS is a real gem of a fashion, art, music and design outlet, and celebrates truly inspirational creativity with dexterity. The online version has a lot of negative space and clean lines in its aesthetic, which is always a winner in my books ;) Please take a look at the site as the creators are all working really hard to bring you amazing new stuff, photographed and written about beautifully. I am only but a small part of this at the moment as I have only just joined recently, but really looking forward to get stuck in more often.

This Wednesday I assisted Marie in a live shoot for both the online and printed version, which involved a lot of writhing around in Lace and lots of tea and biscuits. Here are a couple of snaps..

Dressing up


Magda love - Marie's first assistant

BEAUTIFUL studio (this photo does it no justice)

Setting up the set.. ahhh

Lace lace lace! Pretty...

Watch this space... xx

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