Saturday, 8 August 2009

Hair traumas

As I have been writing and layout-ing (?!) like a mad woman, I haven't really done too much to post images about. However, when I went to meet Juliana again on Wednesday regarding her new knitwear book (DEFINITELY GOT SOME PHOTOGRAPHY IN THERE - SCORE!) I got to relax just a little whilst waiting for her in the V & A. The sun was shining, the John Madejski gardens were calling, and I sat in peace for a little while with my feet in the pool.

Ahhh - isn't this nice, though slightly wonky - great photographer Jo!

THEN as I closed my eyes and tried to catch some shut eye, some 'cute little kid' only blimmin' steps on top of the openings of that dribbly fountain thing, promptly aiming it (though unintentionally I'd like to think) at me, my spread out phone, camera and prototype magazine. I actually thought the heavens had open and grabbed all my stuff, dropped my phone (as if it wasn't broken enough) and ran to safety with three very smug looking Korean girls laughing at me. Turns out, a girl can't catch a break - FACT. I then had to meet Juliana in all my soaked glory and looking pretty sheepish.

Moral of the story - don't trust kids in water. x

Wet hair is not a good look - at least the lippie stayed on. 
Please excuse tired miserable looking face. 

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