Monday, 3 August 2009



Sorry it's taken so long for these to appear AND I don't even know if these are the final edit - I sorta just bunged together my favourite ones for now but they might be different shots in the final mag! I haven't even thought up a name yet. ARGH. Anyway, hope you enjoy the lovely pick-your-own frutiness of it all and a MASSIVE thanks to my peeps who were helping with the shoot as the weather/organisation was a bloody nightmare - oops. You'd think I was getting better at this...


Headpieces by Calexandra on Etsy, clothes by Catherine Angus

Clothes and wooden glasses by Neliana Fuenmayor

Clothes by Lois Porte

Pink bikini top by River Island, Grey bikini top by Jessica Gaydon, Trousers and collar worn
as skirt by Lois Porte

Photography and Styling: Jojo Ma
Photographer's assistants: Anthony White and Kit Hoang
Hair and Make-up: Marietta Constantinou (Please check out her MySpace - amazing!)
Models: Arsida and Mariam


This was my last big fashion shoot for the magazine so I won't be uploading many new photos in the coming weeks - I will however be posting spreads and bits of the finishing mag bit by bit so please don't leave! Come back come back Titanic style! The final issue will be done soon. I promise/hope.


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